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March 18, 2019

7 Beautiful Natural Wonders Of The World

Here Are The 7 Natural Wonders of The World:

  1. Victoria Falls:
    Victoria Falls is One of The Natural Wonders of the World That Streches 1.7 Kilometers Wide And it is Shared by Countries of Zimbabwe And Zambia.
  2. Grand Canyon:
    The Grand Canyon is Located in North America Extending 400 Kilometers Through Colorado Plateau in Northwest Arizona. The Canyon is 6 to 30 Kilometers Wide And it is 1.6 kilometers Deep. It is a Great Symbol of Beauty.
  3. Aurora Borealis:
    Aurora Borealis is Another Beauty Natural Wonder. The Aurora Borealis Appears in North Sky And is only Visible from Northern Hemisphere. These Northern Lights Appear From September to October And March to April.
  4. Harbour of Rio De Janeiro:
    It is Located in the Brazil. The Harbour Can be viewed in so many ways that it appears Differently And Can be Deceptive. The Mountains Create An Entrance into the Bay And can make it Appear to be a Lake.
  5. Mount Everest:
    It is one of the Most Impressive Natural Wonders of the World. It is considered to be the highest Mountain in the World.
  6. Paricutin Volcano:
    This Volcano Erupted in the City of Mexico. The Paricutin is a Magnetic Cone That Means it Stems From Single Point of Eruption. This Volcano Now Stands at 410 Meters Above The Ground.
  7. Great Barrier Reef:
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    It is Located Along the North Coast of Queensland Australia. The Great Barrier Reef Streches 2600 kilometers And is World's Largest Coral Reef Ecosystem Composed of 2900 Individual Reefs.
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Saturday, 16 March 2019

March 16, 2019

5 Cliches that Always Happen in Marvel Movies

These are some things that always happen in Marvel movies.
 Iron Man Appears in Almost All Marvel Movies.
Robert Downey Jr. has a pretty strong contract with Marvel. That's why he not only appears in the Iron Man movies; Also in Captain America, Spiderman, etc.
The Good Guys Fight Each Other.

Civil War is not the only example of our favorite superheroes fighting among themselves. Hulk, Scarlett Witch and Antman have revealed themselves against their own companions.
4. The Father Figures of The Superheroes Always End Badly.
Ho Yinsen, the mentor of Iron Man, the father of T'challa and Yondu of Guardians of the Galaxy. They are all paternal characters who loved each other and ended tragically.

There Is Always an "anti-Hero" Who Does Good Things.
Marvel has created characters that are not good, but not so bad:
Loki is a villain, but despite everything he cares about Thor's welfare. Killmonger is against Black Panther, but deep down we know he is fighting for something right.
 At Some Point Some Character Will Lose an Arm.
This is a tribute to Star Wars by Kevin Feige, who has declared himself a fan of the Georg Lucas Saga.
Groot, Thor, Ulysses Klaue are just some of the many characters that have lost an arm in the Marvel movies.

March 16, 2019

Top 5 Indian superstars who have the highest fan base

Hello friends, today i have come with another interesting topic consists of five Indian superstars who have the highest fan following in India and overseas. Let us go through the list.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood superstar. At the same time, he not only in Bollywood, but also in the kollywood film industry (Tamil) like 2 point 0. In this list he got the fifth position.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is a not only a Bollywood superstar, but also Indian superstar. Because he has huge fan followers in different parts of North India. Salman Khan got the forth position in this list.
ShahRukh Khan

ShahRukh Khan is an evergreen superstar especially his romantic movies. No actor can give these kind of pretty movies in the 90s generation. So he is the most suitable actor for this position.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan is the box office king Bollywood film industry. All Bollywood commercial movie records are sleeping in his hand. He has a huge number of fan followers in China too.

The biggest superstar in India. He has the biggest fan following in the world. Rajinikanth is a Tamil movie actor. He not only have fan following in India, but also overall the world.
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March 16, 2019

Epic Uniforms of The 10 Most Formidable Special Forces In The World

pecial forces are military units trained to conduct special operations.This group of men have the potential to do anything to achieve their goal, they have the ability to carry out operations and missions most threatening.
Here are uniforms of the the 10 best men's groups in the world who are able to do everything they can to protect their homeland!
(1) United States

Navy seals in the United States manage air, land and marine equipment and are characterized by their uniforms. They are trained to deal with tough land and weather conditions.
(2) France

France created their special armed forces commands in 1992 after the Gulf War.
(3) India
The Indian Special force "National Security Guard' was founded in 1984 to prevent terrorist attacks in India after the death of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
(4) Canada

The Canadian force was created with the primary purpose of withstanding very low temperatures. Force operations are based on personal recovery, hostage recovery and counter terrorism operations
(5) Peru

Peruvian special forces are the expertised professional task group to fight and rage in the worst warfield experience.
(6) Spain

The Spanish army is known as Spider Man and is part of the special operations group. The army is responsible for the fight against terrorism and the safety of V.I.P.s
(7) Pakistan

The Special Services Group (SSG) is the most elite special forces of Pakistan,The first Islamic Nuclear Power and unit is divided into ten battalions.
(8) Denmark

The Danish Army, known as frogmen, has become known around the world for their nearly petrifying uniforms. They are part of the Royal Danish Army and are the best for submarine conflicts.
(9) Israel

The Israeli defense Forces Sayeret Matkal Collects intelligence as part of its central intelligence as part of its central intelligence services to enter the enemy line.
(10) Mexico

The Mexican Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Corps) is a special forces unit of the Mexican Army.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

March 14, 2019

4 Bollywood actors who are fit at 50 plus

Hello ladies & gentlemen, I welcome all of you to our Uc news Leadership channel where you get entertaining & interesting posts everyday. Today I have brought an interesting article about some Bollywood actors who are fit even at 50 plus age. Let me reveal their names & show their photos to all of you here.
1: Salman Khan

We all know that Salman Khan is one of the most talented & popular actors. He is 52 years old & still looks so young & energetic as compared to his age.
2: Sunil Shetty
We all know that Sunil Shetty is one of the most popular actors of the Bollywood & he is 57 years old but still looks so handsome & young.
3: Milind Soman
Do you know that Milind Soman made a lot of headlines recently for getting married to his longtime girlfriend who is very young in age as compared to him. Milind is 52 but he still looks so young & perfect with Ankita.
4: Sanjay Dutt:
Let me tell you that Sanjay Dutt is very popular & has given many blockbusters in Bollywood. He is 59 years old & still looks young & fit. What do you say about this post guys?
March 14, 2019

IPL 2019 Cricket Fixtures and Team Players

IPL 2019 Teams and Captains
1.Chennai Super Kings (CSK) : M S DHONI
2.Mumbai Indians (MI) : ROHIT SHARMA
3.Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) : DINESH KARTHIK
4.Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) : VIRAT KOHLI
5.Rajasthan Royals (RR) : AJINKA REHANE
6.Sun Risers Hyderabad (SRH) : KANNE WILLIAMSON
7.Delhi Capitals (DD) : SHIKAR DHAWAN


Players list for IPL 2019

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March 14, 2019

In budget of Rs. 150 crores, Sunil Shetty gets low amount

Hello readers welcome to my channel, today the news is very important for all Bollywood lovers because you need to know everything about Bollywood industry.
Sunil Shetty is part of biggest movie and the movie has also the very high budget because in this type of budget Bollywood declares it high budget. Sunil's new movie ' Marakkar the lion of Arabian sea' which will direct by Priyadarshan.
The movie will release in very high budget, the movie will last cast South greatest actor Mohanlal and many more actors. But do you know what is the fees of Sunil Shetty?
Sunil is getting only Rs. 3 crores which is low according to budget of movie because he is also biggest star. But he is very kind person and he didn't said anything about this.
Friends please tell me one thing according to you all what should be the fees of Sunil Shetty?
March 14, 2019

America has taken away its true colors from India, instead of snatching F16 from Pakistan

Giving a strong blow to the Modi government of India preparing for an election battle, she has grabbed the status of a very favorite nation for business. This move by the US has cost India about $ 560 million in danger.
According to news agency Reuters, after the US has failed to provide access to its markets, India has eliminated the tax-free status of India.The US President Donald Trump wrote this information in a letter to the Congress (Parliament). Trump told the Congress on Monday, "I am providing information to end the award to India as a developing country of priority generalization system (GSP) program.

I am taking this step because despite the strong link between the US and the Indian government, I have found that India has not given the assurance to the US that it will provide its judicial and reasonable access to its markets. " Trump has told the Congress in a separate letter that he has terminated Turkish tax free country status on the basis of economic development.
Trump has recently taken this step in response to India's increase in fees on US imports. Trump has said that after taking a lot of discussion with the Indian government, they are taking this step because India has not yet assured the United States of the fact that it will allow American markets to be equally and fairly accessible to them.
It is notable that in the 1970s, the United States adopted special import policy to grant India and Turkey a very favorite nation in terms of developing countries. After the end of this status, India's goods worth $ 560 million will be accessible to the American markets only after paying the import duty. The rule will come into force after sixty days after the Congress passes this order. According to the statement of the business representative office, in April 2018, the process of reconsidering the matter was initiated that India should maintain the status of a favorite nation or not.